Produce and Bakery                 Stockholm,WI


Pizza Night

Tuesday Night Pizza Information


Once we open for the season, we are open Every Tuesday regardless of the weather.

Picnic on the farm or take Pizza out.

We function like the State Parks: Pack it In/Pack it Out. All garbage and recycling goes with you.

Please, no pets.

This is a farm: assume all fences are electric.

If you choose to walk through the fields where we grow vegetables for pizza, please stay on mowed paths. Never go into a field where something is growing.

Parents must supervise their children. Farm equipment is not for playing on or around.

Use your electronic devises wisely. Turn your flash off when pointing your camera at people. We understand that you want a picture of the ovens but being "flashed" all night makes us irritable.

There are many animals on our farm. This is their home. It is not a petting zoo.